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Behind ANiFiT is a modern company that has been committed to natural and healthy pet food for years. Together with nutrition experts, breeders, animal welfare activists, scientists and doctors, the food is developed according to the latest findings and produced in an environmentally friendly way. So we can offer your four-legged darling a healthy and natural food.



Only pure raw materials are used in ANiFiT products. Therefore, by feeding all ANiFiT products, you promote the well-being of your furry pet for a lifetime.

For over 4 years, we now feed ourselves exclusively ANiFiT food to our cats and dogs.

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical, because especially our male dog Lorenzo was very picky. I was very surprised how well the new food was accepted by all of them.

Also our bitch Desdemona was fed with ANiFiT from the beginning and she developed very well and grew up to a beautiful bitch, as well as our puppies.

Soon I noticed improvements in my other animals. They looked brighter, their fur was much shinier and we only had to go to the vet for vaccinations. I have worked in the pet trade myself and have been involved with feeding for a long time. It is unbelievable what is partly in the animal food. Flavor enhancers, sugar, flavoring - & preservatives and poor meat content is only a small insight. 

I would like to feed my animal as naturally as possible, with a lot of meat content, without animal testing and food quality feed. 


Convince yourself. I will be happy to advise you, so that you find the individual and optimal nutritional needs for your darling ♥

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