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Marble Surface

13.01.2022 - We're still waiting patiently for Desdemona's heat. As soon as something happens, we will announce it. 

29.08.2021 - New successes with Aurora.

28.08.2021 - Our offspring bitch is already CH Youth Beauty Champion with 9 months. 

16.05.2021 - The B-litter is planned for winter 2021/2022.

14.11.2020 - Our A litter is born. ♥ Desdemona gave us 5 healthy puppies, 3 girls and 2 boys.

20.11.2019 - Desdemona the grey sensation passed her breeding certification test with flying colors and is now officially licensed to breed. We are proud and happy. ♥

15.09.2019 - It's official. Our kennel name has been protected by the FCI. The Faithful Silver Wolf is now our name. We are very happy and so proud.

12.02.2019 - Desdemona the grey sensation received her HD result today. We are happy to announce that Desdemona is HD free, she got the awesome result HD A.

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